Exploring the Enchanting Dow Gardens Canopy Walk

A 110-acre botanical garden which is located at 1809 Eastland Avenue in the United States of America is the Dow Gardens Canopy Walk. Many visitors from all around the world visit the Dow Garden canopy walk!

They explore the well-designed landscape, stroll down the nation’s longest walk, and visit the Pines Home. All art enthusiasts from all over the world come here to discover the beautiful art and music!

Known as a historic landmark, the Pines welcomes all its visitors with open arms! The visitors come here for guided tours and different types of special events! The great Dow Garden canopy walk welcomes hundreds and thousands of visitors to see a display of perennials punctuated by bridges, pines, and water features!

Things to see at Dow Gardens

The sprawling Dow Gardens are one of the top botanical gardens in Michigan! They feature more than a hundred acres of flowers and more. If you want to enjoy the perfect road trip with your loved ones or enjoy a relaxed sitting, you should plan to visit the Dow Gardens now! This site welcomes around 300000 visitors every year.

The garden space, which stretches over 110 acres, has many trails! The most appealing thing about the Dow Gardens is that it is the most beautiful place to explore during any season and not just spring! The botanical gardens offer different events throughout the year!

Following are the things to see at the Dow Gardens:

Whiting forest

Spanning across 54 acres, the Whiting forest has ponds, meadows, streams, and woodlands! The canopy walk is open all year round which allows you to glimpse at the autumn colors, winter birds, and the snowy branches! You can see the forest pond from 25 feet above and the spruce trees situated 25 feet high!

ADA and wheelchair-accessible playgrounds and beaches

The municipalities and state parks in Michigan have made accessibility their topmost priority. Thus, if you are looking for a wheelchair-accessible ramp, paved pathways, and mobility mats, you are at the right place! The turquoise water of the beach’s shoreline is enticing! There are several updates and new designs in the accessibility feature.

The Michigan Department has updated many of its facilities to have access to recreational opportunities such as hunting, camping, kayaking, and fishing!

Following are the beaches with a beach access chair available:

  • Brighton Recreation Area
  • Grand Haven State Park
  • Holland State Park
  • Island Lake State Park
  • Mitchell State Park
  • Lakeport State Park
  • Seven Lakes State Park

Just on the same lines as beach and track wheelchairs, some of the beaches in Michigan also offer floating beach wheelchairs and Mobi-Chairs! They also offer Track wheelchairs that help visitors in the area explore other park areas!

They are electronic chairs, and they can easily handle snow and sand up to eight inches of water. They are available at no cost!

The top three wheelchair and ADA-accessible beaches

  • Grand Haven State Park: Flanked along the Grand River and Lake Michigan, the shores of the Grand Haven State Park are the best for viewing a peaceful sunset from over a beach! The park comprises beach houses, playgrounds, and shelters. It also has sand wheelchairs, which are specially equipped and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Ludington State Park: The destination favorites of many people in Michigan are beaches, forests, and sand dunes. The beach, which is well known for offering accessible walkways, and anyone who has trouble walking in the sand is Stearns Park Beach.
  • Oscoda Beach Park: The park that provides excellent paved pathways, beachfront, and wooden ramps is the Oscoda Beach Park. This park also has a skateboard area, a basketball court, a band shell, a splash pad, and picnic tables.

Children’s Garden

Dow Garden has a Children’s garden, the perfect place for bringing your kids for a memorable experience. The children can design and harvest their own tiny little garden. This helps them hone their gardening skills. By learning skills in physical engagement, the children will also strengthen their bonds with the natural world around them.

You can also stumble across butterflies in bloom, which is a Dow Garden event, and you can see hundreds of butterflies in different colors and sizes.

Pines of Dow Garden

Located at the southwest corner, the Pines of Dow Garden is a historic landmark, and it welcomes visitors from all over! When you step in the world of Herbert H and Grace A Dow, you will see that the world is filled with treasures that are collected by the Dow family. Thus, the trained docents will also tell their stories, which will make the artifacts come to life!

One should arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour. You should walk 25 miles through the Dow garden to come to the home! One should remember due to its historic importance, the building is not handicapped accessible. The tours are likely to last for an hour, and they will also include the stairs.

The garden has a music room with its casket-style music box, and you can also view Herbert’s favorite chair. The Pines has limited space. Thus, it is crucial to make reservations before coming! Self-guided tours are available on Saturdays, and you can explore the uniquely designed home.

The Tridge

While you are still in Midland, you should take some time exploring the city. The Chippewassee Park. This place is called the home of ‘The Tridge’. There is a bridge split three ways across the junction of the Tittabawassee and the Chippewa River. This place is only one of 12 in the entire world!

Café Zinc

Resembling a French bistro, the European café, which is located in the H Hotel, is one of the nicest of the Midland’s hotels. The café is a casual spot, and it is very comfortable. You can munch on delicious breads, desserts, pastries, and many other things!

Final words

The admission fee in Dow Gardens for adults is $10 for adults. Many visitors also purchase a monthly admission card for $20 per person.

Spanning across 110 acres, the garden displays perennials, which are surrounded by picturesque scenery and many other features!

Written by Emma Parker

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