Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Is your toddler constantly finding a new activity this summer? Then you need to find some unique and creative outdoor activities for your growing little champs. You must encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities to develop their brain and physical health. Summer is the most charming time of the year when the kids can enjoy and learn new things.

Easy Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

In this blog, you will learn about the numerous outdoor activities for toddlers. These activities will keep them engaged for hours and make them creative and mentally alert every time.

Simple outdoor activities for toddlers

Summer vacation is the ideal time for your toddlers to explore unique things and learn new activities. Here is a list of easy outdoor activities for toddlers to enjoy in the summertime:

Driving a balance bike

This is the easiest task for improving the physical health of your little champs. Ask your kids to take a short ride on a balance bike around your home or backyard to improve their motor skills.

Some baking skills

Baking is one of the important activities for toddlers that you need to encourage them to do. All you can do is provide your kids with all the baking essentials and show them some basic baking steps. A few items to start with are muffins and basic mud pies. Baking will improve the imagination skills of toddlers and give them unlimited fun.

Reading time

Yes, reading can also be counted on the list of outdoor activities. You can place a mat under a tree and teach your toddlers the names of animals, plants, birds, and so on. This is an important activity from an academic point of view.

Nature walk

Nothing is as motivating as a nature walk. Take your toddlers to the nearby woods and keep them motivated to collect leaves, sticks, and stones to make something new. In this way, you can connect your kids directly to nature and help them to get creative.

Take the hose

Every kid has immense love to play with water and a hose is a good thing for toddlers. Tell your kids to try the various settings in a hose for their knowledge. You can help your toddlers to a certain extent by placing the hose’s spray near the playground. This is one of the most useful things for growing children.

Take playdough

Playing with playdough is a must-try activity for every toddler. You can use the simple baking clay and make your kids try different shapes from the clay. These shapes can be used in the garden or backyard as a piece of art.

Direct kids with chalk

This is another simple yet useful game for toddlers. You have to grab some colorful chalk and draw a circle or square to write some tasks. The tasks can include holding a tree or jumping high like a rabbit. These outdoor activities engage toddlers for a long time and improve their mental alertness.


Are you looking to use the large backyard space for toddlers? Then take your toddlers in the open space and play on their favorite tracks. Dancing is an indirect way to remove stress from your kids and improve their mental health. It relaxes their mind and motivates them to try out new tasks.

Washing tasks

Bikes, toys, and cycles of your toddlers get dirty every day. Ask your children to wash their bikes and toys regularly. Give them a bucket full of clean water and a good sponge to wash their muddy toys and cycles. This task will help to cultivate the habit of cleaning in your children.

Tent set-up

One of the best outdoor activities for toddlers is tent-making. You have to decide on one type of tent design and show it to your kids. They will automatically find the other designs of a tent to create from the available materials. This activity will help the toddlers during a camp of hiking trail.

Making a zoo in the sandbox

This is easy work for toddlers and parents as well. You can create as many animals and birds as you want in a sandbox. It is a kind of learning activity that you can do outdoors. It will help the growing kids to learn the names of new animals and identify them from the shapes and pictures.

Collect some things

Collection of a kind of thing is a good outdoor activity for toddlers. You can motivate your toddlers to collect things such as small pebbles of similar shape, pressed roses, and leaves. This is one of the smartest things that help the kids to get creative.

Sail small boats

We all know how kids go crazy while playing with water. This is a good task that you can do within a few minutes. Take a small pool or tub and sail plastic boats and ships on it. Your kids will spend house in sailing the plastic boats and ships.

Puddle jumping

This is the most exciting activity that you can try with your kids during the monsoon. As soon as the monsoon starts, head out with a colorful umbrella and tell your kids to find a puddle. Enjoy jumping in the puddle under the fine raindrops with your toddlers.

Find the hidden things

Take the plastic toys of your toddlers and freeze them in the large ice cubes. Then ask your toddlers to act like an archeologist and break the ice cubes to find the toys. Give a set of tools to the kids like wooden spoons and turkey bastards to break the ice cubes and search for hidden plastic toys.

Final words

These are some unique as well as creative outdoor activities for toddlers. They also can be enjoyed by parents along with their kids in their backyard or front yard. More importantly, these outdoor activities do not need any special kind of tools and can be practiced with the available materials.

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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