How to Fold Pop Up Beach Tent?

Pop-up tents, popularly known as instant tents, have been designed to streamline the camping experience. They enhance one’s camping experience by allowing the campers to set them up in seconds without any instructions. All the campers have to do is unpack, release, and watch the tent unfold in front of their eyes!

The primary reason pop-up tents have become famous is their convenience. Earlier, setting up camp required a great amount of time and effort! You can set up a sturdy shelter to fold a pop-up beach tent.

The compact design of tents makes them the best choice for travelers and backpackers who have limited storage space! Owing to their collapsible nature, they can be easily packed into small or medium-sized bags!

Whether you are exploring rugged trails or steep planes, these pop-up beach tents are the perfect choice for a temporary shelter!

Types of pop-up beach tents

Following are the three main types of pop-up beach tents:

Pull cord pop-up beach tents

This type of tent can be operated by pulling on a string or a cord which pulls the structure of the tent open. These tents use a pull cord to position the poles in an open or closed position. After the cord is pulled, the fabric tightens as the poll moves.

Folding pole pop-up beach tents

This is the type of pop-up beach tent that works like an umbrella.

Folding pop-up beach tents

It is the type of tent that, once folded, is stored in a flat bag or a shell so it does not re-open.

How to Fold Pop Up Beach Tent?

As their name suggests, pop-up beach tents pop up, making them easy and quick to assemble. They are very compact, lightweight, and ideal for beach use. They give you shelter from wind and rain!

Following are the quintessential ways of folding up a pop-up beach tent:

Method one

  • Step one – Oval: Grab the sides of the tent’s entrance, and have the tent open and facing towards you! After that, fold the left side, pinning it towards the ground. Do the same thing for the right side. Bring it down on the top and then hold it together. Thus, you will get an oval-shaped tent!
  • Step two – Figure of eight: Put your tent on the side and then apply pressure to the middle. This makes a figure of eight! Keep your weight in the middle of the tent to ensure it does not move!
  • Step three – Circle: After grabbing one end of the figure of eight, fold it over, ensuring it forms a circle. Hold it firmly and pull the elastic band around to hold the tent together. Make sure that the tent is in a perfect circle.
  • Step four: All you have to do is place the tent in the bag, zip up, and head to your destination!

Method two

Many avid campers use the pop-up tents as easy shelters. However, they find folding up the tent to be an unexpected hassle. Storing the tents involves a lot of work.

The first step is folding the poles together and then over to each other! This ultimately collapses a tent, and you can seal it in a bag until you need it again!

  1. Clean the tent before you even begin folding it: The tent has dirt and grime; all you need to do is shake out the sand, dirt, and pine needles. There is a high chance of the debris getting stuck in the folds of the tents. You should check the edges of the tent and pour out the debris. You should wipe down the tent with the help of powdered laundry and clean it thoroughly.
  2. Fold the top two poles together: Poles are the ridges on the top of the tent and stretch out to grasp both sides and pull them together!
  3. Fold the bottom two poles together: The bottom poles of the tent form the outer edges. Fold one of the bottom poles up and fold one to the top. Leave the door of the tent open to let the air come in.
  4. Stand the tent up on its side: Hold onto the four poles of the tent, and as you flip the tent onto its side, move it so as to make sure that the open side of the taco shape rests against the ground.
  5. Fold the top poles to your backhand: Reach out your hand to the uppermost part of the tent and grab the taco shape. After that, bring it down to your other hand. Bring the tent to the ground to flatten it.
  6. Press and seal the tent in a bag: Pop-ups have been designed to spring back into the shape of a tent. Thus, you should maintain a firm grip on the poles of the tent. You can also press down on it by making use of your hands and removing any leftover air from the edges of the tent.

These are some ways of folding a tent!

Choosing the right model for the tent

Following are some things you should consider while selecting a model for purchase:

  • Packed size: It is important to check the size of the beach tent as pop-up tents are often larger than the other beach tents while packed.
  • Shade size: The canopies on some of the pop-up beach tents are uniquely shaped and, hence offer different shade qualities. Ensure that the beach tent you are considering will provide an adequate room for you and other people.
  • Strength: The pop-up beach tents have poles made from different materials; hence, you should check all the reviews for the performance during harsh weather conditions before you purchase.
  • Cost: It is very important to compare the price of the pop-up beach tent you are going to buy with other beach tents of similar size.

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