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RV Camping Colorado – Unforgettable Adventures

Famous for its landscapes, forests, plains, plateaus, and deserts, Colorado is one of the Mountain states of the US. This state encapsulates various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, mountaineering, etc. The state of Colorado encompasses western edge of Great Plains and the northeastern portion of Colorado plateau.

Camping is a rewarding way of experiencing the vast landscapes of Colorado, and whether you are embarking on a getaway or pitching a tent in the park, it sweeps you off your feet!

For the ones who want to relax, escape stress, and clear their minds, camping is the best outdoor activity!

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What do you mean by RV camping?

A recreational vehicle park or a caravan park where people who have recreational vehicles can stay overnight in allotted spaces is called RV Camping.

For something to be called a recreational vehicle, it needs to be mobile, which means it can be moved from one place to another. When it comes to RV Camping, the living space that is designed is used for accommodations.

Following are the services the allocated space may include:

  • AC power connection
  • Hotspot
  • Sewer connection
  • Drinking water connection

What is famous about RV camping Colorado?

There is much to discover along Colorado’s scenic roadways, with breathtaking views, remote hideaways, and charming mountain lawns.

Some of the most famous RV parks in Colorado are as follows:

Colorado Springs RV Park

The second-largest city in the state is RV Colorado. The cherry on the cake is that visitors get the best of both worlds as they get close to the Rocky Mountain nature and amazing vistas, and on the other hand, they are also near big-city amenities and restaurants!

You will never get bored of this area as it has more than 5- family-friendly attractions. This will keep all the vacationers occupied.

Where to stay?

The Colorado Springs KOA offers various Fountain-Creek-Front sites with grills, patios, and chimneys. You will have amenities like a convenience store, Wi-Fi, and laundry at the Colorado RV Park. You can stay at any such site with amenities catering to your needs.

Estes Park

Decked in the eastern frontier of the Rocky Mountains National Park, Estes Park is the gateway to all its activities. Estes Park has more than 200 shops and restaurants, and this city is an attraction as it is truly a sight to behold.

You can walk down the picturesque downtown area, get into the Snowy Peaks Winery to sip wine, or even launch your expedition with your near and dear ones!

Where to stay?

If you are planning to visit here with your family, you can pay a visit to the Elk Meadow Lodge, which gives you a perfect mix of all the amenities you need for your brief stay here. Some amenities are a beer and wine bar, a miniature golf, a hot tub, and a playground.

Ridgway State Park

Situated at a distance of 15 miles from the town of Ouray, this park has magnificent scenery and water sports. There is an array of activities to be carried out here, such as boating, fishing, and camping. The Ridgway State Park offers a view of Colorado’s magnificent outdoors, given the Sneffels range.

Some of the offerings at the park are boating, water, skiing, and windsurfing. You will be left baffled after you glimpse the lush green forests, turquoise waters, and jutting peaks!

Someone looking for an adventure can spend some time on the Ridgway State Reservoir, which is 5 miles long. It is a popular place for wakeboarding, boating, and windsurfing.

Where to stay

The Dakota Terrace campground is the only campground that offers stay. It has 76 campsites and three yurts. They have a spectacular mountain view, and the reservoir is in the vicinity, so one can even take a walk there! It offers year-round camping sites complete with electrical hookups, a dump station and a water supply.

Roosevelt National Forest

Tired of your daily grind and looking for someplace where you can experience tranquility? Roosevelt National Park Forest is where nature awaits your presence! Activities such as biking, hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing take the boredom away from you!

Want to experience a thrill in your life? An action-packed rafting trip is something that will stir your loins and give you an enthralling experience!

Where to stay?

The Collins Lakeside Fort is located less than an hour away near LaPorte! The RV campgrounds here come with Wi-Fi, cable TV, and a swimming pool.

Lake Pueblo State Park

Popularly known as the Southern Mecca for sun lovers and all water sports enthusiasts, the Lake Pueblo State Park garners its popularity owing to its activities such as boating, skiing, sailing, and swimming!

The reservoir can host many water sports, and many people also go there for fishing! You will see juniper trees, wildflower-covered hills, and an array of wildlife here!

Where to stay

The Arkansas Point Campground RV Park is one of the most popular parks here and is known for amenities such as laundry, electricity, dump stations, and flush restrooms!

Pagosa Springs

Located at only a two-hour drive from the Mesa Verde National Park, the Pagosa Springs boasts of 2.5 million acres of wilderness and national forests. You can either tip-toe your way to the waterfalls and the spectacular vistas or enjoy a horseback ride along the mountain trails.

Many people here indulge in adventures such as rafting, kayaking, or enjoying a lazy float down the San Juan River.

Where to stay

The Sportsman’s Campground, which is located 20 miles northwest of Pagosa Springs is the one which offers 32 full hookup RV sites. It offers amenities such as a fire pit, laundry facilities and a playground.

Final words

These campgrounds are the most RV-friendly campgrounds for the summer season, and they also offer a wide range of amenities. Experiencing Colorado by making your way in an RV campground makes sightseeing, visiting mountain towns, and taking part in your favorite activities easier!

When you avail of RV camping, you get the taste of what the mountain lifestyle has to offer!

Written by Emma Parker

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