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DIY Camp Lantern for Outdoor Adventures

Planning to go camping? One thing you should not forget is a camp lantern! A good camping lantern is an outdoor essential and it is a major help while cooking. It sets the right ambiance and is great for nightly camp games. It is a portable source of use at a camp.

Flashlights cannot light a large space and tend to burn out quickly. This is when people rely on lanterns. They are enough to be carried on hikes and become useful at night.

A lantern illuminates and helps us see things clearly without any difficulty and creates ambiance around the campfire. It helps during meal prepping and is useful when reading in your tent. These lanterns give you a sense of security.

Why do you need a DIY camp lantern?

Want an extra light for your campsite adventure despite refraining from shelling out some extra bucks from your pocket? Tired of camping with a limited amount of light? No worries, a DIY camping lantern is very easy to make and it provides a soft, ambient light that makes it very easy to see.

We all are no strangers to the fact that flashlights are great, but if you want to stay up past dark, you need more light than just a few flashlights. Even if you bring a lantern, it is possible that you may run out of batteries, or the filament of the bulb may also go out during your trip.

A camping lantern is a very essential piece of gear for any camping trip. Following are the reasons you need a camping lantern:

They provide good illumination in the dark

It is obvious that camping lanterns provide light in the dark, but it is worth stating nonetheless. A DIY camping lantern can be made with less hassles, and they provide much-needed light after the dusk hour starts. They allow you to see where you are going and also help you find your way back to the campsite.

They are compact and can be easily taken from one place to another

When you go camping, you do not stay in one place. You tend to move from one place to another.

A lightweight camping lantern doesn’t just provide light. It also helps you find your way around the campsite.

A camping lantern can be a lifesaver when looking for the bathroom in the dark!

They can signal for help

A DIY camping lantern is used as a signal for help in an emergency. The best part about a lantern is that its light can be visible from several yards away! Bringing a camping lantern with you is a very good idea if you are planning on hiking in remote areas!

They add ambiance to your campsite

Whenever we go camping with our friends, it lights up our mood and adds much-needed ambiance to our campsite. It makes the site perfect for relaxing after a long day hike.

They are fun!

Whether you are using the camping lanterns to light up your campsite or tell spooky stories around the fire, camping lanterns are fun! They add an element of excitement to your trip!

A lantern is a very essential piece of gear for any camping trip, and it also signals for help in an emergency.

DIY camping lantern

DIY or do-it-yourself camping lanterns have made their way into everyone’s life! There are innovative ways to make a camping lantern.

These lanterns are not only cost-effective but very efficient! They are very simple to make! One can even make them by utilizing recycled materials. There are two ways to make DIY lanterns.

Make DIY camping lantern

The components required for the lantern are as follows:

  • Clear gallon jug
  • Headlamp
  • Lightweight rope


  • You must fill a clear gallon jug with water and set it on the camp table or hang it from a sturdy object with a rope.
  • Affix the headlamp to a water jug.
  • Enjoy the ambient light that the camping lantern exudes.

DIY camping lantern for kids

Kids love to be creative, and they can create their lanterns! Making their lantern helps them expand their horizons and proves to be a fun learning experience for them!

They learn to be independent, which adds an edge to their imagination! They gain confidence, and it further enhances them to hone their craft skills!

Following are some ways to make a DIY Camping lantern for kids:

  • Tear up the tissue paper and apply pieces to the juice bottle: First, one should tear up a tissue paper, apply it, and smooth it out as much as possible. Add a couple of layers and let the lantern dry!
  • Decorate: Decorating the lantern with stickers makes it visually appealing! They can decorate it with whatever you want! It can be stars, flowers, cartoon characters, and whatnot!
  • Add a handle: Kids can add a handle around the top of the lantern. In this case, they can also use a pipe cleaner and hook a second pipe cleaner to the loop they made with the first. Thus, they can begin beading. After that, they can connect the pipe cleaner’s open end to the other side of the loop once they finish the first!
  • Drop the candle in the bottle: This is the final step where kids are supposed to add a candle in the bottle. It is important to remember that the candles should be wider than the juice bottle opening. One can also opt for glow sticks as they are also a great alternative to flameless candles.

This is the way kids can create their own DIY Camping lantern!

Final words

All in all, DIY lanterns are not only aesthetic, they are functional as well! They diffuse light and create a great ambiance. They also add a pop of color to your space. Finding the perfect camping lampshades can be challenging. This is where the DIY lampshades come into picture!

Making your own camping lamp can be a rewarding experience and one of the biggest advantages of DIY camping lamps is the creative freedom they offer you!

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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