Essential Tips for Minnesota White Water Rafting

One of the north-central states is bounded by the Canadian provinces of Ontario and the Manitoba province to the north, Lake Superior to the east, and the states of Iowa to the south.

Minnesota kayaking and white water rafting on the rapids of Banning State Park are famous. Watch as the river drops through rapids like Hell’s Gate, Mother’s Delight, and Dragon’s Tooth.

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Your adventure commences in the small town of Sandstone, which is just an hour north of Minneapolis. The white water rafting trips are from April through September. You can pick up a trip that matches your skill level and comfort, depending on your river experience. What could be more relaxing than a canoe trip as you enjoy the surrounding views basking under the sun?

Following are some of the ideas on how to enjoy the wilder side of Minnesota’s river:

Superior Whitewater Rafting

A small town in Montana, Superior hosts some of Montana’s best white water rafting courses. The Clark Fork River runs right through the town of Superior, the heart of Superior, Montana. It is a 12-mile river trip with 15 rapids and breathtaking scenery down the Alberton Gorge on the Clark Fork River.

The rafting adventure trail starts around 10 AM and gets wrapped up around 4 PM. Many guides walk you through the adventure trail to give you a firsthand experience. Located just outside Duluth, the landscape will enrich you with an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Hard Water Sports

Also known as Sandstone, Hard Water Sports provides whitewater rafting and guided climbing adventures just an hour north of Minneapolis. The sports company also provides rafting tours on the Kettle River. Sandstone is Minnesota’s first city of North Woods.

The itinerary includes kayaking and whitewater rafting from May to October and whitewater paddling from April to October. You can also get canoe and kayak rentals in summer. The rafting tours on the Kettle River will meet all your expectations, whether for a beginner or a seasoned rafter.

Getting wet and wild at Kettle River, which offers a stunning trip through the Banning State Park, is truly an experience. If you plan a long itinerary, you should visit the St. Croix State Park, where the rapids are a little milder but offer the most picturesque view!

Swiftwater adventure

Want to hover through rugged outcrops, tall pined, challenging rapids, and abundant wildlife? Swift Water Adventure is your one pit stop for everything! Experts and professionals in raft guides guide the trips. One need not have special skills for any of the trips.

However, you should be able to paddle at a normal pace. The professional steer the rafts and you simply need to paddle! It is important to document your priceless moments with your loved ones and make these times even more special.

We have a photographer on board for every rafting trail who captures candid moments with your family. Our photographers scout out the best shoot angles depending on the time of the day.

River ramblers

We are an organization dedicated to leisurely paced river paddling. Excited to start your whitewater rafting journey? Not sure where to begin? You can sign up with River Ramblers, a Minnesota organization dedicated to all the temperamental rapids and wonderful rivers.

There are various routes, and you can hit the hardest of Minnesota’s river and be a part of the community, which is exclusively dedicated to kayaking, boating, and rafting.

K and K tubing

Bored and want to embark on an enthralling adventure? K and K tubing is the best around! You will get nice, clean, big yellow tubs for adults and red tubes for the kids. This activity is carried out when the river is gentle and calm.

Why should you go for whitewater rafting in Minnesota?

When was the last time you went camping, hiking, or rafting? What were your dormant thoughts at that time? Were you excited, pleased, or enthralled? It’s time to feel all those elevated emotions again!

Well, whitewater rafting provides the same experience! It is addicting, and the wild rapids provide unexpected twists and turns! To add on, below are some more reasons to go white water rafting:

It is a unique experience

There are thousands of unique opportunities worldwide, and whitewater rafting is as exciting as eating foreign cuisine, cliff diving or traveling to other country!

Spending quality time with your loved ones

Life can get busy, and it can be really difficult to squeeze out some hours for spending time with our loved ones! White water rafting is an experience that allows you to spend time with your near and dear ones and help you to get to know them better! You and your family will remember these trips for the next years to come!

It’s a learning experience

No matter what adventure you try, there is always something you can learn from it. Then be it determination, perseverance, hard work or never give up attitude! As long as you have a guide riding with you down the rapids, you will be able to experience the truest essence of white water rafting!

The adventure!

Almost every part of white water rafting evokes a different emotion in you! However, some people do not realize one thing! It is not always what you see but what you feel and how you feel it that makes the adventure an experience worth cherishing!

While you experience the twists and turns during rafting, you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins!

Getting water splashed on your face is a liberating feeling! The best feeling is when your stomach drops as you go over a waterfall!

Final Words

The biggest recreation draws is the whitewater paddling and sandstone in the home base for the Kettle River rafting. Kettle River’s amazing scenery and crystal clear water never disappoint you! It is a premier location for recreational activities, and it also offers a plethora of paddling options on the Kettle River.

Rafting tours on the Kettle River will meet your expectations for all, beginners as well as seasoned rafters.

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