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Backland Glamping Resort Review

Backland, a sustainable luxury tent in Williams, is where guests enjoy the tranquility of the private beach area. This luxury tent also offers accommodation with a patio. If you want to enjoy lip-smacking food with the best picturesque view, a restaurant serves American cuisine.

Moreover, the place also has free private parking and an electric vehicle charging station.

Backland Glamping Resort Review
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The luxury tent has units that come with a seating area. It has an attached private bathroom fully equipped with a walk-in shower in every unit.

Along with the bathroom, there are bathrobes, free toiletries, and a hair dryer. Every unit is equipped with towels and bed linen.

What are glamping resorts?

If you want to escape the tumultuous routine of your mundane life, you should embark on a glamping adventure! Backland Glamping is an eco-resort that is every travel freak’s wonderland!

The trails have roads that lead to tall pine trees! The USA is very famous for glamping resorts, and the country now boasts of its newest glamping resort, which is 20 miles southeast of Williams, Arizona.

This unique spot is only 90 minutes from the Grand Canyon National Park. This resort makes a very good Launchpad for day trips to the Grand Canyon or Sedona.

Be ready to witness a phenomenon as you traverse the wild forests with the wind in your hair and the Kaibab National Forest surrounded by trees.

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What is special about Backland?

Currently a hit in the nation for glamping resorts, Backland is a brand-new resort built on the footprint of a historic homestead ranch that boasts national forest land.

All the sustainable-minded owners have carefully planned and built the eco-resort by considering all the environmental factors.

What to expect?

The Kaibab National Forest has opportunities for every person. Camping, cabins, fishing, and scenic drives are some of the most recreational activities here. Nestled on the Colorado Plateau, the Kaibab National Forest offers many discovery opportunities. The southern boundary of the forest has Mogollon Rim, which extends to the Utah border.

The forests have low-elevation grassland, and it steps up through the pinyon-juniper, spruce, and aspen forests. This forest spans up to approximately 1.6 million acres and includes wilderness areas totaling about 114,845 acres.

The equipment that connects an electric vehicle to a source of electricity for recharging the electric car is called an electric vehicle charging station. A complimentary electric vehicle charging station is in the middle of the Kaibab National Forest!

The Aesthetics Backland Glamping resort

After stepping into the magnum opus of magic, you will be greeted with a dark, modernistic fireplace with light, rough concrete. A huge reception area leads you to a magnificent alley with the chef’s kitchen, dining area, and three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows!

After you take a glimpse outside the resort, you will be greeted by kayaks parked at the beach and some beach toys that are free to use! Not only this, the resort also has a telescope for stargazing and a library of books and games! One need not worry about keys while a five-digit code secures glamping as a keyless entry.

Glamping tent

If you want to experience glamping in a tent the expensive way, you are at the right place, as Backland Glamping offers a Sky suite experience for its visitors! There are a number of tents with a parking spot reserved for each one!

This stone-lined parking space is huge enough to fit in your vehicle! The custom-built tent is polished on a concrete slab, and it is no less than any upscale hotel! The minimalistic design of the tent is alluring enough to sweep visitors off their feet! It also has baskets, natural wood and natural fiber rugs.

The concrete floors have an aesthetic finish, and the 8-foot tall windows and 16-foot wide skylight are enough to show abundant natural light!

The bed is positioned under the skylight so as to enable the visitors to see stars throughout the night! You can lay in bed with your tea/coffee and enjoy the view of the birds chirping in the meadow! The most appealing part of the Sky Suite is that, unlike other glamping tents, it does not flap in the wind!

The Backland glamping tent is extremely warm as it is heated with energy-efficient heat pump technology. It is equipped with ThinQ heating and air conditioning units that keep your warm during winters.

Bathroom aesthetics inside the tent

The bathroom is so spacious that it boasts a walk-in shower, a sink faucet and a low-flow toilet. All these features reduce the water consumption without impacting the guest experience!

Dinner at Backland, the glamping resort

Experience a gastronomic extravaganza by trying out dishes that are specifically curated by the chefs for you!

Following are two French delicacies that are served here:


This is a custard dessert. Sabayon is French name for the Italian dessert, Zabaglione, that is made of egg, wine, sugar, and yolk. It is also made with Marsala wine.

Dauphinoise potatoes

Deep dive into the richness of Dauphinoise potatoes that are cooked in cream!

The place is also environmentally friendly as it saves hundreds of gallons of water by making use of plates, napkins, and flatware that are compostable!


If you want to experience the softer side of camping with all the amenities and luxuries, you should go for Backland Glamping! The immersive glamping experience creates a feeling that is completely out of the world! However, while selecting the tent of your choice, you should be mindful of the fact that it should show an unobstructed view of the forest!

Some of the most popular facilities here are free parking, Restaurants that offer lip-smacking delicacies, a spa and wellness center, a bar, breakfast spread, tea/ coffee making is all rooms, and a private beach area! All in all, the backland glamping resort is a family-friendly place that awaits your presence!

Backland resort is a place where camping and glamour aka glamping go hand in hand!

Written by Emma Parker

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