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What is Glamping Vs Camping?

Spending a few extra minutes outside can be refreshing, let alone camping or an adventure sport. When you spend time outside, you can yield an organic boost, and many researches also show that people’s cognitive function abilities surged a good 50% after individuals started spending a few days exploring outdoors.

We live life in a box, and compared to the cushioned life we live in our homes and offices, there are many variables in the outdoors.

What is Glamping Vs Camping
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Nature can do wonders for one’s physical and mental health, and one simply doesn’t need to hike difficult terrain or intimidating mountains to enjoy the lucrative benefits of being outdoors!

Many studies have shown that going for a simple camping adventure in the locality or even in your backyard can combat the detrimental effects of depression.

What is Glamping?

You often might have stumbled across, the word, Glamping. This word is the portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Glamping describes a style of camping with an array of amenities. You get to experience the best of both worlds while Glamping.

You seek modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, a yurt, a hot tub, etc., and the adventure recreation of camping, which comes in various accommodations such as tents, tree houses, and cabins.

You get to experience all the luxuries in the lap of nature. In a broader sense, it means that you do not need to bring your own sleeping bag, tent, or any of your camping supplies.

It comes in many forms, from camping cabins, tree houses and safari tents. Glamping is a way of providing a singular experience in nature with all the comforts of a hotel.

Advantages of Glamping

Glamping provides an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with his loved ones. A glamping tent has all the amenities that are needed for a comfortable life. You can engage in many meaningful conversations and enjoy many activities with your family.

Following are some of the benefits of Glamping:

It is convenient

Camping might not be as convenient as while on a camp, as it is budget-friendly and rustic. On the other hand, Glamping is a more luxurious option. When individuals go on a holiday, sleeping on the floor may not be their idea of a holiday.

This is where Glamping comes to their rescue. Glamping is a convenient way of exploring the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of a hotel-type accommodation.

Glamping can be enjoyed in all seasons

Camping is only ideal in certain weather conditions. On the other hand, Glamping has been exclusively designed to be enjoyed in all seasons. Accommodation is built in any weather condition; these conditions may include space heaters, floor heating, and even a fireplace, for that matter.

When you go camping during the summer months, you may likely be heated out of your tent. On the other hand, during Glamping, you will be provided with portable fans that keep you cool during extreme temperatures.

What is camping?

An outdoor activity involves staying in a tent or a protective natural shelter. It is a broad term, and it is a way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Following are some of the advantages of camping:

Camping helps a lot with stress reduction

Camping encapsulates several benefits for the young and the old. Thus, you and your entire family can enjoy the outdoors. While at a camp, you have no one to bother you.

You leave all your worries away and indulge in the tranquility of nature. There is no person to interrupt you, and you cannot find this relaxation anywhere else.

Fresh air has numerous benefits

There are several benefits of fresh air. It not only cleans your lungs but also boosts your mood, increases your energy levels to a great extent, and improves your sleep patterns. When you go camping, you let the fresh air touch your face and hair. It rejuvenates your body and mind!

Camping promotes physical fitness

Many individuals live less sedentary lives that do not promote physical fitness in any way. It is not only a pastime activity. If done correctly, it is a great workout, too! You tend to be restless while you camp. You never sit in one place. You gather firewood, set up a tent, or hike. This promotes physical fitness.

Camping grows confidence

When you go camping with your family and kids, you build a better connection with them. Children need to be independent and confident in their capabilities.

Camping is altogether is new lifestyle, and your children are exposed to new learnings while at a camping site. As kids learn new things, they become more and more confident in themselves.

Difference between camping and Glamping

Many people get in a dilemma whether to go camping or Glamping. This question is often looming over many people’s heads as they proceed to plan for the adventure. Camping has a traditional touch to it.

Whereas on the other hand, Glamping is an upscaled version of camping. It is enjoying the thrill of the outdoors but in a glamorous way!

The overall comfort is the most significant difference between both! If at all you encounter this question, whether to go camping or Glamping, you should ask yourself, what do I want? A raw touch of nature with fewer amenities or a mix and match of both?

One of the most lucrative benefits of camping is that you can save more money simply by camping in nature. However, if you decide to go Glamping, you will be able to experience outdoors but have to splurge a bit for the convenience and amenities.

Final words

All in all, Glamping as well as camping are both good in their own regard. There are many factors you should consider before making a conscious decision, such as accommodation, comfort, what and how you cook and eat, and many other things.

If you have your family along with you and you want to protect them from the wildlife critters, Glamping would be a great option. The safety of your children and loved ones is important!

Whereas, if you are out with your friends and want to explore the wilderness and see the raw side of nature, camping is a great option!

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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