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How Should Hiking Boots Fit?

Hiking is the most exciting thing only when you have a good pair of hiking shoes. Comfortable fitting of hiking boots is an essential feature when you select boots from any store. You cannot just imagine how a bad-quality pair of hiking boots can ruin your trail. They might cause blisters, swelling, or irritation in your feet.

How Should Hiking Boots Fit

Many hiking boots might give a lot of bells and whistles but do not work according to your expectation. Getting the right fit and comfort levels are very important while buying hiking shoes.

In this guide, you will get ample tips and things to consider while buying hiking boots. We will also discuss tips to enjoy a good hiking trail with comfortable hiking shoes.

Considerations to make while buying hiking boots

Hiking involves plenty of rough terrain and uneven patches. To make hiking go smoothly, you need to have a good pair of hiking shoes with a snug fit. From heels to arch support, you need to consider a lot of things while buying hiking shoes. Read on to know the considerations while buying hiking boots:

Room for toes

As a hiking trail goes for a long time, your toes require a little room to move. A space of a quarter to half-inch is highly recommended for hiking boots to keep toes moving. If there is no space between your toes, you might face a lot of pain while climbing on the upper path.

One way to check the room for toes is to remove the insole and measure it with your feet on the top. Good shoes will not allow your toes to touch the end of the shoes while walking downwards.

Pick the right flex of shoes

Hiking trails include rigged paths, steep slopes, rocky paths, and even smooth areas. While selecting the flex of the hiking boots, you need to consider the type of terrain. If you plan to walk on a smooth surface, pick a pair of flexible and lightweight hiking boots. A lot of shoe brands sell lightweight hiking boots, especially for hikers. Pick the shoes according to the kind of terrain.

The terrain can include many steep inclines and rocky paths. Uneven terrains demand a more rugged pair of hiking boots. Rugged shoes might cause a little pain in your feet for a few days but they are very comfortable on longer trails. You can try wearing rugged shoes for some days on a short trip to get accustomed to them later.

Comfortable heels

You might face uneven surfaces, smooth paths, and even rocky terrains on your trekking trail. You must select comfortable hiking boots, whatever your path is. Ankle support is a must in hiking shoes to walk a long distance.

Boots with heavy padding are great for a hiking trail. They relax your feet and support your heels while you walk comfortably on several routes. Tie the laces in a balanced and comfortable manner to support your ankle and feet.

Try socks with hiking boots

Another important thing to try before hitting the trail is to wear socks with shoes. You can try wearing socks with hiking boots to see whether it gives a comfortable touch or not. Pick the right pair of socks according to the kind of season in which you are going for a trail.

Thick socks are often recommended when you are going in cold weather. They keep your feet warm and add to your comfort level as well. Now, you must be thinking about whether it is comfortable to wear cotton socks or not. Well, cotton socks are not recommended for a hiking trail as they might cause friction resulting in blisters.

The best socks for hiking are those made of wool and synthetic fiber. You can pick a pair of nylon socks for your hiking trip. They are heavily padded and lightweight as well. Synthetic socks will remove sweat from the feet and do not cause any friction. Moreover, the socks will keep your feet clean and blisters at bay.

Try shoes at home before a trip

One of the best tips is to try wearing your hiking boots at home. This tip gives you a chance to exchange the boots at the shop from where you purchased them. Apart from that, you can also see the comfort level in your boots.

You can wear those shoes and go for a short walk in your nearby garden. Try wearing these boots for around 1 to 2 weeks to get used to them for longer time.

Look at the length of the boots

Every person has different-sized feet. One of the best tricks to try is to wear socks and then check the size of the boots. You must also remove the insole and make the laces lose before wearing the shoes.

Move your feet in the front part of the shoes to see how your fingers move while walking. If the fingers of your feet slide down, the boots are perfect for the hiking trail.


How much space should be kept in the hiking shoes?

A space of an inch between the toes and shoe tip is always good. The room for toes will let them move during a long hiking trail.

Can I buy larger boots than my feet size?

Snug fitting is the most important factor when buying hiking boots. They should be comfortable rather than large or small in the size.

Should I wear tight hiking boots?

It is necessary to tie laces correctly. Wearing boots very tightly will cause blisters and pain in your feet.


These are some of the basics to keep in mind while buying your hiking boots. From the right size to the right type of material, this buying guide gives a deep understanding of everything related to hiking boots.

Now, you can go for a long or short hiking trail with the right pair of shoes. Go and explore the world!

Written by Emma Parker

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