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How to Attach Trekking Poles to Backpack?

Trekking pole is important during hiking trips. It is used while crossing a river or walking on icy routes. You can also use a trekking pole even to balance the heavy luggage. Well, a trekking pole can be a good thing until you do not have to carry them around for the whole day. It really becomes a burden when you do not need it.

How to Attach Trekking Poles to Backpack

Heavy trekking poles are extremely tough to manage on a long trip. Either you have to hold them for the whole trip or tie them to your backpack. Both these ways do not serve the purpose well.

If you want to enjoy a good hiking trip without carrying those heavy trekking poles, read this guide. It is all about the comfortable tricks to attach trekking poles to a backpack during a hiking trip.

Easy steps to attach trekking poles to backpack

Trekking poles must be attached smartly to your backpack to enjoy a nice trip. Here are some easiest ways in which you can tie a trekking pole to the backpack for a trip:

Connect the pole to the side pockets

Most backpacks include attachments and small pockets to accommodate little things on your trip. These pockets can be used to attach your trekking pole with the help of a rope or strap. Keep the handle of your pole in the side pocket and tighten it with a strap or rope. Utilize both side pockets to attach trekking poles.

Put them in your backpack

One of the best ways to carry a trekking pole during a hiking trip is to carry it in your bag. Most trekkers carry a collapsible pole while going camping or trekking. These poles can be shortened to place in a backpack.

You must use the corners of the backpack to keep the poles with the handle pointed out. Wrap a cloth around the pointed part of the trekking pole to avoid any damage.

Put the pole on the top of the pack

Many backpacks lack special attachments or side pockets. In this case, you can use the top part of the bag to attach your trekking pole. Secure the pole tightly to carry it comfortably on the trip.

You can use the top of the compartments to tie the trekking pole. Simply place the pole and close the top and secure it firmly. However, this solution may not work every time but will work out while trekking in open terrain when you want a hands-free solution.

Compression straps can be alternative

Side pockets are not included in every backpack. So, you can use horizontal straps to secure your trekking pole. Every backpack has straps placed at different points. You need to find these straps and attach your pole firmly.

In some backpacks, you will get slots wherein you can add compression straps. Look out for these slots if you don’t have an option for the side pockets. It is simple to loosen the straps and insert the trekking poles with handles pointed down and baskets pointed up. Then you have to tighten the compression straps around the trekking poles. Do not forget to carry the baskets of the pole if it has one.

Use a carrying case for a trekking pole

Carrying cases will help you a lot to carry heavy trekking poles. There are many reasons to take a carrying case to put your trekking pole. A carrying case will safeguard your pole from any type of damage. Whether there is snowfall or rainfall. You can still protect your pole with the help of a carrying case.

A case helps to keep a pole tightly and firmly in its place. You can quickly grab it from the case whenever you need to cross a river or walk on a snowy path. Check out some of the best carrying cases online before heading to the trekking trail.

Look for closed loops to keep a trekking pole

If you see your backpack, the closed loops will be placed at some points. Use these closed loops on the backpack to secure the trekking pole. The similarly closed loops are also placed at the bottom of the pack.

Secure the pole properly between closed loops of the top and bottom part of the pack. This is a pretty easy way to organize your trekking pole.

Carry a carabiner

You must have seen a carabiner in mountain climbing. It is used to climb mountains and do other activities. Carabiner is made of solid metal and includes a spring-loaded opening. It is one of the most important things to carry during hiking and trekking.

Carabiner is often used by mountaineers and trekkers. It is used whenever you have to carry several things on a trip. You can secure a trekking pole with the help of a carabiner. It is easy to take a trekking pole out attached to a carabiner.

Things to avoid strictly while taking a trekking pole

Yes, it is necessary to carry a trekking pole during a hiking or trekking trail. But at the same time, you must avoid certain things while taking trekking poles such as:

  • Do not use a trekking pole to hit other people or animals
  • Never wave a trekking pole wildly
  • Do not use a pole to adjust your tents or tarps
  • Do not lean on a trekking pole
  • Do not use a trekking pole to hang your food bags


Keep these things in your mind to keep a trekking pole firmly in your backpack. It helps to enhance stability during a hiking or trekking trail. But you must know to store it properly when you do not want to use it.

Backpacks generally come with several attachments, closed loops, side pockets, and straps. These attachments can be used to insert your trekking poles and enjoy your trekking trail.

You can try some of the above tips to secure your trekking poles and pick the one that suits the best for your trip.

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