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How to Capture Stunning Photos of Nature With Your Smartphone

We have all heard that “Travel is an investment in yourself.” But significantly fewer people follow that proverb in real. Nevertheless, we have always heard that wherever you go, collect memories and moments. Memories that don’t fade and this can be done by one simple technique: Clicking Images.

As we know nature never goes out of style and so its clicks. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t give you time to go home and get your Go Pro Series 11 camera. Nature wants to dazzle and engage you in its mesmerizing and scenic beauty. So now what to do? Relax, it’s easy. Just take out your smartphone and start clicking great nature images.

How to Capture Stunning Photos of Nature With Your Smartphone

However, in today’s blog, we will be mentioning quirky tricks and tips that will not only help you in clicking the best images. But also help you in realizing that exploring nature is actually a mocktail consisting of idyllic scenes, beautiful sites, and peace that are worth capturing. With your own smartphone, you can take an unlimited number of nature images.

Follow these 10 tips to capture your smartphone’s best scenic and natural clicks. The most beautiful landscape and astounding landscape images will have you fill your Instagram feed with vibrant colors. These 10 tips allow you to capture stunning and serendipitous images of the places you visit.

Create the most wonderful images landscape photos with your smartphone:

1. Find the best exposure for a perfect click

Do you have an idea about how to adjust the exposure on your smartphone? If you don’t know how to do the same, it hardly takes a few seconds. Just go through your previous landscape and scenic images. You might have realized that the skies in the picture are either a bit dull or a bit bright. All it takes is a bit of exposure to nature where the sky is not too dark or bright.

If you’re an iPhone user, the sun will appear in the focused area. All you need to do is slide down and up to adjust the exposure. If you’re an Android user, slide left and right to focus on the elements and get the same exposure.2.

2. Use lights

Yes, that’s right. Photography skills depend totally upon the light. While clicking the images of nature and idyllic scenes, one must totally focus on lighting from a creative point of view.

This will help you create eye-popping images. Catch the rising sun between the mountains and trees. Turn the sun peaking through hills and trees and make it look like a dramatic star with setting f/22 or f/setting options.

Additionally, look for lights and shadows to create interesting scenic patterns image.

3. Prefer Day Time

It is advisable to choose the daytime to get the best scenic images for your Instagram feed. As you may get multiple light options. The golden hour for clicking images is after sunrise and just before sunset.

You will get yellow and orange hues cast by the sun, which will make the images perfect.

You can try the blue hour (dawn) before sunrise or the (dusk) hour after sunset to cool down your image tone.

4. Watch the weather

Weather plays a vital role whenever you want to execute outdoor photography. Nothing is more important than focusing on the weather while capturing the clicks of beautiful trees, leaves, and marvelous mountains.

Different weather conditions will transform scenes and all together images. You need to alter lighting and hues to get a perfect click. If the weather is moody, you can go for a few clicks.

5. Play with distance

Don’t go too near the landscapes or trees or flowers. This is because sometimes distance makes things more beautiful.

In order to get a dynamic shot, all you need to have is a medium distance. This is necessary to dominate your click frame. While executing wildlife photography, always keep a safe distance.

6. Use a Tripod

A tripod will help you in clicking beautiful landscapes and natural images. All you need to do is focus on a few things while buying a tripod. The first thing you need to focus in the size of the tripod. The smaller the better.

Choose a tripod that is easy to carry and has a smaller size. Likewise, check whether your Tripod has adjustable legs that can balance your phone in hilly or mountainous regions.

Sturdy tripods are important to maintain the balance of the smartphone. These types of tripods can also hold your digital camera with a proper grip.

7. Capture running water

Water adds majestic beauty to your click. Whether it’s still or flowing waterfall, a click is always better to make your feed look fabulous. You can click a stopped waterfall or a stunning dark reflection of a hill or mountain in a hush of water.

In order to capture a moving water click, all you need is a sturdy tripod to cease all the motion in your final output.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can take the click using the motion photo option or the live photo option. Then choose you can choose the long exposure effects. This effect goes well when you have to click waterfalls.

For an Android, use the pro mode or manual mode option to increase or decrease the speed of water in your click.

8. Add a Lens

When you need a few perfect clicks of nature, there is still a lot you are missing. Hence, you can add a lens, you can surely capture the view field more than the normal camera of your mobile phone.

There are many lenses available for clicking the best images with your cell phone. High-quality optics improves the quality of your images.

9. Capture the sky

Not only mountains or water, but you must also capture the skies in your clicks. Underexpose the click and capture clouds and skies. Capturing clouds can give you the best clicks.

In order to create the most beautiful landscape images with your smartphone, all you need to do is expose the clouds and skies. Once you click the image, brighten the landscape and edit the overall image.

10. Photo editing apps

There is no need to just limit yourself to the smartphone camera. One of the biggest advantages of shooting videos and clicking images is you can use editing apps.

Editing apps help you in editing your final images. Just download free versions of editing apps and add unlimited effects to make it look perfect. You can take a panoramic view and edit or the time-lapse option suits well in certain regions.

Final Words

Learn how to take the most beautiful landscape images when you are amidst nature. This is the only way to capture the best memories with your loved ones or friends.

Next time when you plan a trip, do follow these tips. Also, focus on dusk or dawn to get the best shot. Venture out and try different angles. Do you have a craze for adventures?

Let us know in the comments what would you capture this year. Also, let us know more tips about how to start with beautiful photography for nature.

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