10 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Europe That Will Change Your Life

There is nothing that Europe does not have when it comes to tourist attractions. It is blessed with bounties of scenic spots such as beaches, castles, forts, hills, icy mountains, cliffs, and whatnot. Plenty of nature spots mean a lot of adventurous activities for your entertainment.

Outdoor Adventures in Europe
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Europe is a land of many adrenaline adventures that you must experience once in a lifetime. Starting from hiking to snorkeling, Europe has many things that you can try in your life.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best outdoor adventures in Europe that you must try once in a lifetime.

10 best adventures to try in Europe

Europe is not just about heritage and culture but it also has many places with untouched beauty that can be included in a must-watch list. Read on to get the list of top adventures to try in Europe as recommended by adventure experts:

1. Kitesurfing in Spain

Are you fond of flying colorful kites? Then visit Spain as it is one of the best destinations for kitesurfing. Take a road trip to Andalucia and enjoy the clean atmosphere of this place. Kitesurfing is the most popular sport enjoyed by millions every year.

Kitesurfing in Spain
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Kitesurfing along the mesmerizing Atlantic beaches with the windy atmosphere is something you must try once. Tarifa in Spain is known for its best winds for kitesurfing. From experienced to novices, many kitesurfers visit Spain in April and other months to enjoy this special sport.

2. Enjoy the lovely Lavender fields

I am sure that you must have dreamt of taking a stroll in the beautiful Lavender fields of South France, Isn’t it? Well, it is purely a blissful experience to watch Lavender fields in South France. Pick summer to enjoy the sight of amazing blue-violet fields spread through vast acres of land.

Lavender fields
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Visiting South France will give you a synopsis of the history of lavender fields and how they are grown. Do not forget to buy some special lavender-based presents and gifts for your friends and family.

3. Unforgettable Primrose Hill of London

There are many places in London where you can take an evening walk with your better half. One of the most beautiful places in London is Primrose Hill. It is an amazing place surrounded by oak trees and some well-known landmarks of the city such as the Millennium Wheel, Canary Wharf, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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While walking in this royal park, look for “Shakespeare’s Tree”. It is the first oak planted in the year 1864 to pay tribute to the birth centuries of Shakespeare. This royal park will give a sight of changing colors of the skyline from orange to pink.

4. Living La Dolce Vita, Italy

There are no perfect words that can describe the captivating beauty of Italy. Starting from long coastlines to high cliffs, the country is blessed with stunning landmarks. While in Italy, you must explore Cinque Terre (5T) which is 5 stunning villages. The best way to explore these villages is the trek from Monterosso to Vernazza.

Living La Dolce Vita, Italy
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There are plenty of things to try in these villages such as seaside food, cliff diving, exploring vineyards, and so on.

5. Swimming in Windermere

Spend your summer wild swimming in Windermere. This is one of the amazing things to try in Europe during the hot summer. Many people swim in large groups in this lake for hours.

Swimming in Windermere
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On some days, people even engage in non-competitive swimming and receive rewards as well. This place offers a great swimming experience with amazing views of the surroundings.

6. Biking near Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam is among the mind-capturing places in Europe. It is famous for biking and beautiful parks. You can rent a bicycle and ride it near the beautiful Amsterdam canals. The city is filled with canal houses designed in 17th-century style.

Biking near Amsterdam canals
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When you decide to ride a bike in Amsterdam city, do not forget to show signals with your hands. Take a ride near Vondelpark to view the stunning views of the city.

7. Train experience in Switzerland

A tour to Europe is not complete without a rail ride of the Swiss Alps. Exploring the icy mountains on the train gives unforgettable memories. The train ride takes you through rich green valleys and elegant waterfalls of Switzerland. You can enjoy the views of frozen lakes from the train.

Train experience in Switzerland
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You can enjoy 3 rail adventures in Switzerland. The train ride from Zermatt to Matterhorn Gornergrat Bahn is the best ride to experience in Switzerland. The second rail journey takes you to Mt Pilatus from Lucerne. This ride takes place during the months of summer.

The third ride takes you to Jungfraujoch which is located at a high altitude. You will travel through the hamlet of Lauterbrunnen. You will see the whole of Switzerland at a height of 11,000 feet from this train. From dramatic cliffs to nightclubs, you can enjoy everything in Switzerland.

8. Sailing in Ireland

Sailing in Ireland
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Ireland is for its sailing and mountaineering Challenge that takes place every year. Participants sail on yachts through the various hills including the topmost point of Ireland. It also includes running on the Brandon Ridge and completing the race in County Kerry. This is an amazing adventure to try when you are touring Europe.

9. Thermal bath in Budapest

One of the best things to try in Budapest is the thermal bath. This place is awash with thermal baths and spas where you must take a bath. It has a large network of saunas and warm pools to relax your mind and body.

Thermal bath in Budapest
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Besides, the city also has some more tourist spots to visit such as Kiraly, Rudas Baths, and Gellert. Plunge in the amazing experience of the thermal bath of Budapest.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most elegant landmarks to visit in Germany. It creates magic at first sight and you will feel all like a fairy tale by visiting this castle. A visit to this castle will tell you a lot about the wonders of King Ludwig II who built this castle.

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Some other points to explore near this castle include Hohenschwangau Castle and Fussen. Germany is the best place to see medieval buildings, beautiful mountains, and Lake Alpsee. Hiking is another good adventure to try in Germany with friends and family.

Final words

These are all the unique adventures that you must try once in Europe. From thermal baths to hiking, Europe offers many adventures and outdoor activities for tourists and adventure seekers.

So now, plan your trip to Europe after making a full list of must-visit tourist spots. These adventures will truly revive your soul, heart, and mind.

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