Discovering the Thrills of the Midland Canopy Walk

The United States of America has the country’s longest canopy walk at the Whiting forests. The Canopy walk reaches four stories into red pine trees. The most appealing part of the Midland Canopy Walk is that this place is accessed through a single gate.

This makes it easier for the families to keep track of their members. One comes across the sugar maple. White oak and the white pine trees. The elevated walkways hang up to 40 feet above 54 acres of woodlands, meadows, and ponds.

Midland Canopy Walk
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The forest is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and the times are from 9 am to 8 pm. There is an array of riverside restaurants, hotels, and retail stores to keep all the visitors busy during their brief visit.

There are two pedestrian bridges in the forest. Midland Canopy walk comprises three arms; you can visit each arm 25 feet up. The Canopy Wall Trail is a very popular trail for walking, and it takes an average of 45 min to complete.

What are the features of the Midland Canopy Walk?

The Midland Canopy Walk is a major tourist attraction, and you can also bring your kids along! The place has hills on which the kids can tumble, a huge playground where kids can roam, and many other things!

It is easier for the families to keep track of the kids and the other family members as the walk is accessed through a single gate. The family can enjoy the water fountain and gaze at the spectacular view!

There is a porous rubber paved walkway at the base level, which is environment-friendly. Trees such as red pine, oak, birch, and beech are fully wrapped during construction! The authorities have also recently planted the sugar maple trees and the white oak trees!

Recreational activities

You can indulge in different recreational activities at this place. The Whiting café, which features the Dow Gardens and the Canopy Walk Playground, was designed by Metcalfe Design, a specialist in minimalist designs. You can sprawl around the café as you have many sightseeing options! You will never run out of them!


Midland has a humid climate, and one will likely experience hot, rainy summers with cold, snowy winters and cool nights.

Things to do at Midland Canopy Walk

Your vacation in Midland will be a beautiful blend of opportunities as with downtown cityscapes, the rugged terrain, and the wet woodlands, you will never be out of things to do!

You can spend your time at the Midland Area Farmers Market and hog on delicacies that will trickle your taste buds or set out on an adventure amidst the 1200-acre stretch of wetlands and woodlands!

Following are some of the touristy things most visitors should do:

Experience the year-round beauty

There are streamside walks along the paths and pretty flowers that contribute to the greenery! Plan a separate itinerary for the 110-acre Dow Gardens in the Midland at any given time of the year!

You will be greeted by butterflies in the spring, lush green gardens in the summer, and an unforgettable walk during Christmas!

Walk around the Whiting Gardens

The latest nature play designed by Metcalfe, the Whiting Gardens, is located in Midland. You should also experience the 1400-foot Whiting Forest Canopy walk, which is known as the longest canopy walk in the nation.

The walk is suspended four stories above the forest floor. It gives you a unique view of a 54-acre whiting forest, and you will be spellbound by it! It has an apple orchard, meadows, and woodlands! This place is appropriate for people of all ages!

Enjoy the museum show at the Midland Center for the Arts

The Midland Center for Arts is the one-stop destination for science, arts, theatre, music, and world-class entertainers. There are two museums you can visit, and the center offers a huge array of educational classes and camps!

These artistic dreamscapes take you to your dream world! You can explore and study the rich and diverse culture by preserving and exploring the archives and collections at the museum.

Wine and Dine

There is a huge collection of wine, and it offers an ample wine list that has regional selections by the bottle. Whine is the famous restaurant, and also visit ‘Grape Beginnings Winery’, Downtown Midland’s boutique winery!

The hotel is located on the corner of Rodd and Main St, allowing visitors to have an outdoor patio alongside the building. You can order any delicacy you want and enjoy a sip of wine while nibbling on the scrumptious meal!

Try hands-on art

A pottery studio located in the heart of Midland County, the Space Studios is an architecturally unique studio that sits on a five-acre property! You can only marvel at the architectural wonders of this place. People from all over the country visit Space Studios.

It also allows you to try your hand at painting. The studio space is a paradise for all art lovers as it lets you enjoy and delve 360 degrees into all kinds of creative endeavors while delving into arts!

Play ball

Having a capacity of 5200 people along with concession facilities, fireplaces and a group picnic area, the Great Lakes Loons Baseball league is where you can enjoy all the major events! If you are a baseball fan, you should definitely visit here!

Dahlia hill

The garden area which lies in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The Dahlia hill is the area which encompasses 1.41 acres of terraced gardens. There is so much beauty here! The perfect time to visit this place is during Late August/early September.

This beautiful place boasts of more than 3000 varieties of flowers! They are planted on the eight-level terraced slope and displays around 250 assortments along the entire rock way!

Final words

A treetop walk or a canopy walk is the one that provides a pedestrian access to a forest, in today’s date, the Midland Canopy walk serves as an ecotourism attraction for many visitors!

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