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Experience the Thrill of the Malibu Waterfall Hike

Located about 48 km west of LA, Malibu is a beach City located in Santa Monica Mountains in California. This rich city is known for its dry climate and crystal-clear beaches. A simple trail among the mountains reveals the winding paths that overlook cascading waterfalls, picturesque scenery, and lush green vegetation.

Malibu is home to some of the most elite celebrities in Hollywood. With deep canyons and mystical mountains, you can stumble across a variety of Flora and Fauna here.

The waters of the Escondido Falls descend over the vegetation of the rocks. Known as the tallest waterfalls in Santa Monica, you can reach there by covering a 3.8-mile roundtrip trail. Two small waterfalls will greet you before you reach the third largest one.

Following are some of the most famous waterfall hikes in Malibu:

Solstice Canyon

Many visitors from all around the world come to hike on a waterfall trail in Malibu. Solstice Canyon has an easy 3.2 hiking trail, suitable for people of all ages. The best thing about the waterfall is that it just takes 2 hours to complete!

As you transcend towards the waterfall, you will come across two sets of ruins- Robert’s House and Keller House. If all you are planning to go there with your family, you should leave for the destination as early as possible as there is a place for only 20 cars to park. One has to go through the parking lot to reach the waterfalls.

Paradise falls

Located within Wildwood Park, one can reach the Paradise waterfalls by heading west on the Mesa Trail. The terrain near the waterfalls has cacti, and the entire pathway has oaks, sycamores, and other vegetation. The Paradise Falls descend into a huge pool that is 40 feet deep.

One has to strictly remember that swimming and climbing in and around the waterfall is prohibited. It is done to protect the integrity of the water, which is clear and pure.

One will also come across six picnic areas near Paradise Falls. If you have spare time and can extend your itinerary, add Lizard Rock to the list, as it is worth visiting!

Temescal Canyon Trail

The trail is 3.4 miles long and offers picturesque views of the ocean is the Temescal Canyon Trail. One is expected to stumble upon a diverse range of terrain. The footpaths here are well maintained, and it has an elevation of 935 feet.

The place is located at Pacific Palisades, and the best season to visit these trails is from May to October. The loop trail boasts enchanting views of the ocean and picturesque canyons.

From LA, one can get to this trail in 20-30 minutes, depending on when you leave. If it’s early in the morning, you may also reach early.

Upper Zuma Falls

To reach the upper Zuma waterfalls, avid trekkers should first reach the backbone trail with various access points around Malibu. Being 9.3 km long, the upper rock trail features picturesque ocean views along the path, and the creek finally leads to three gigantic waterfalls.

Visitors and fitness enthusiasts from all over the country come here to experience the magnum opus that is this waterfall!

Thus, one is likely to experience moderate traffic. It is recommended to bring waterproof shoes as the path has some waterways in between.

The Grotto Trail

Famously known as a short hike, the Grotto Trail is one of California’s most classical hiking destinations. The trail starts at the Zion Lounge and ends at the Grotto Trailhead.

The green canyon in the mountains ends in a 3.6-meter waterfall. This area is not just restricted to waterfalls; there are many activities here. Many visitors come here with their families as this hike suits all ages!

Newton Canyon Falls

About 25 feet tall, the Newton Canyon waterfalls are one of the lesser-known, divided into two parts- the Upper Newton Waterfalls and the Lower Newton Waterfalls.

An entire trip to these falls is about eight km long and will take three hours to complete. One astounding fact about this trail is despite its mesmerizing beauty, it is like a hidden gem, and it is hardly crowded.

You only have to drive your car a few miles until you see a parking spot. After you have parked your vehicle, you just have to start hiking downhill and turn left from the junction.

Santa Ynez Waterfall

Nestled in the state close to Malibu, the Santa Ynez Waterfall is located at Topanga State Park. You can hike here all year long; however, during the rainy season, there can be some tricky bouldering activity.

One is likely to take one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the hike (a round trip). Even if the waterfall is eighteen feet tall, there is a likelihood of it running dry during the summer.

One should come here in full clothes and especially keep their legs covered as there is plenty of poison oak along the trail.

Zuma Canyon Trail

Located to the north of Malibu, the Zuma Canyon Trail is a serene hike that involves a slight elevation. The trail is incredibly vibrant and lush despite being in California. Brush, cliffs, and boulders are some of the most common features of the trail.

The hike from the Zuma waterfall is eleven kilometers from the trail. If you want to spend your day jogging or walking, you should visit this trail as it is the most refreshing time to spend outdoors.

Corral Canyon Park

The most popular activity for visitors at Corral Canyon Park is hiking the enchanting trails and passing through the meadows. The landscape has lush green trees, blooming flowers, and vibrant vegetation. Mesa Peak is the most popular high hill in the area.

Final words

Planning for a weekend getaway with your family? Plan a detailed trip to the Malibu Waterfall hike. The rich aesthetics of the city are enough to swoon you away! The city is full of natural gems.

People visit Malibu to pay a visit to the breathtaking waterfalls and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature!

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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