What to Pack for a Picnic?

Venturing into the excellent outdoors with friends is one of the greatest joys. But before settling into a shady or doubtful spot to snaffle your sandwiches and clothes, there are plenty of things to do.

What to Pack for a Picnic?

You’ve got almost everything you want: food, clothes, accessories, your favorite location, and your best friends or travel buddies. Whether you have a robust suitcase, an appropriate wicker hamper, or a tote bag, you need to fill it with all essentials.

Prepare for any circumstances and add some important stuff. So today we are going to create one full picnic hub list that can help you pack your picnic stuff:

Important points to focus on regarding what to pack for the picnic:

1. Frozen Water Bottles

No matter where you go, everywhere you need water. Hence, start your packing with robust water bottles. Water bottles don’t only help you to quench your thirst but also help you to keep your cold foods cold and keep hot foods hot.

You can use it to keep the balancing temperature of foods. Likewise, you can use ice packs to keep cold drinks and alcoholic cocktails for everyone.

2. Pack your hamper

All you need to do is carefully choose the equipment or gadget. You do not need dangerous leaking cool bottles that will create hassles on your trip. Before you’re set to take an off for your trip, have an eye on your Tupperware. Check whether the bottle is robust, tightly shut, and wrapped in a strong clothing pouch or plastic bag.

Similarly, you can get a cool box that can be handy for the scorching summer days. Also, you need to focus on unbreakable and lightweight plastic bottles or cups.

3. A Tray

The tray is a very essential element especially when you’re arranging a big tour with a group of friends. All you need to do is carry a lightweight plastic or wooden enamel tray that is comfortable to handle.

The tray must have a smooth surface to prevent food and drinks to fall while serving. It can be carried handy and operated easily.

4. Do not forget drinks

Well, we are not talking about alcohol or diluted drinks. We are here talking about something like energetic juice or yogurt. Also, you can always say yes to fruit non-alcoholic beer, or energetic drinks like fruit milkshakes, or fruit juice – tetra pack.

If at all you prefer fresh fruit juice, you can always buy fresh fruits from the local markets where you visit and you can carry a handy juice mixture.

Simply, you can also buy ready fresh juice from the local shops. Additionally, you can also eat fresh fruits to get energy for the whole day trip or trekking.

5. A Picnic Blanket

A blanket is all you need to carry while visiting the picnic. You need to carry a blanket to use for serving meals or for your own personal use. Also, the blanket can be used to sit.

You can bring in any blanket or old comforter, flat bedsheets, or tablecloth for use during the picnic. Make sure it is waterproof and handy which will keep the blanket dry when grass or sand is watery with dirt.

6. Utensils, Napkins, Glasses & Plates

You can just grab a normal or peanut butter sandwich right out of the tiny plastic bag that you packed it in, and you could wipe your hands on your shorts. But bring a good table arrangement if you wish to make your picnic some more special.

Your place settings could be as simple as throwaway plates, cups, cutlery, and paper napkins, depending on the event and setting of your picnic. You can use the finest China, silver, and stainless steel accessories, and table linens.

Also, you can make use of paper towels to avoid extra work whilst preparing and serving meals. To prevent breakage, properly pack your items.

7. Appropriate Knife Set

Do you want to showcase your professional culinary skills on your picnic? Then you must carry things like a professional. Pack a clean and handy cutting board and knife set to chop vegetables, cheese, fruits, meat, croissant, or bread. Sandwiches can be prepared on the spot and you can purchase fresh bread packets from a local bakery shop.

Also, you can buy fresh vegetables from the local market along with a few spices and butter. The knife set should contain robust and comfortable knives. But ensure it doesn’t hurt you while preparing your favorite items. Also, you can go for red pasta or pizza or a hamburger.

8. Trash Bags or bin baskets

It is necessary to love the place we visit and hence, it is absolutely our duty to keep it clean. Instead of throwing garbage in a random pit, it is advisable to dispose of the garbage in plastic bags. Also, make sure the garbage is disposed of as soon as you pill off the vegetables or fruits, or bread.

Here, you can make use of disposable bin baskets or trash bags for used dishes, spoons or glasses, and other utensils. In this way, you can keep your basket and picnic spot clean.

9. Bottle opener

If you are an avid traveler and wish to carry or purchase drinks after your delicious dinner, then you should definitely carry a bottle opener. If you neglect to bring these things, you will regret leaving your picnic in the backyard.

Pack the right tool i.e. bottle opener if you plan to bring a bottle of wine, imported sauces for your pizza stuffing or pasta, or any other beverage that requires more than just your hands to open.


If the atmosphere of your picnic is awesome and romantic, then you should be responsible enough to carry above mentioned essential things. Also, you can take the help of your friends to divide the hard work of carrying all the essential items by yourself. You could just call them up and suggest carrying 1 or 2 essentials for the meals.

Let us know in the comments box what all things you just carry while packing stuff for your picnic.

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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