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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Picnicking in Central Park

The Urban Park nestled between the East Side and the West Side neighborhoods of the Manhattan city is Central Park. This park is the fifth-largest Park in Manhattan.

The major tourist attractions in Central Park encapsulate the landscapes such as the Sheep Meadow, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, as well as the attractions such as the Central Park Carousel, the Zoo, and the Wollman Rink.

Tucked away from the hubbub of the exemplary New York City, this magnificent park has an element of magic that automatically transforms a simple outdoor activity/recreational activity into an experience which will be worth remembering.

We all look forward to weekends as after a very busy week, a picnic/outing is the best way of hanging out with a few family members/friends. Many studies have shown that picnics or random casual outings are perfect stress busters as they help reduce one’s stress related to work.

Name some of the best picnic spots in Central Park

Locals and tourists love to frequent one of the city’s best parks for its various fountains, lawns, trees, and picnic spots. The Park hosts major events, from summer concerts to annual Winter Festivals. The Park is a great escape from the city grind and a place to encounter nature up close.

Central Park is the best picnic spot, and Central Park’s gardens, benches, and woodlands make the spot aesthetically pleasing. It is customary to seek out the best picnic spots in Central Park to enjoy a good time on the lush green lawn.

Following are some of the best picnic spots in Central Park:

Arthur Ross Pinetum

Located north of Great Lawn, the Arthur Ross Pinetum is an oasis of pine trees. It is the quintessential spot perfect for larger gatherings of all ages. This picturesque spot features two designated picnic areas. They are directly east and west of the Great Lawn ball fields. They have trees with wood-chip-covered grounds.

Moreover, this spot serves picnic tables and is surrounded by seventeen different species of trees. Swing sets are present in the western area for children to play. On the other hand, the eastern area, located in the shadow of the Museum of Art, is adjacent to volleyball and basketball courts.

Cedar hill

The sloping lawn of Cedar Hill, which is dotted with rock outcrops, cedar, and other evergreen trees, is extremely popular for sunbathing and picnicking. It is the east-facing slope in Central Park and is the home to many species of red cedars, which form a line of clumps on the crest.

It is the most popular sledding destination in the winter! During summers, the sunbathers bask under New York’s sun on the upper slope at the base of the hill. Cedar Hill offers visitors to immerse in nature fully!

Cherry Hill

A popular destination overlooking the lake, Cherry Hill is named for the cherry trees that blossom in the landscape each spring. It has a rich history, and the paths lead up to the top of the hill. This is where the visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape.

Bored with your daily grind? Pay a visit to Cherry Hill, the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon. If you feel like going on a boat ride, you can easily rent a rowboat and take a ride down the lake!

East Green

A quaint meadow located to the North of Dene, the East Green meadow is famous for reading, picnicking, trailing and sunbathing. The meadow is very famous for its cherry trees, crabapple, and spring blooms!

Feeling bored? Relax and lie down on a blanket among the trees of the east side lawn! After having a meal, you can also take a stroll across the pond and enjoy nature’s peace!

East Meadow

A destination which is known for relaxing, picnicking, and recreational activities, the East Meadow is one of Park’s three major meadows! One can simply admire the open landscapes and find serenity in the north end of the Park as they pass by the meadows.

This place is the best spot for family and is well equipped with plenty of benches and picnic tables!

Great hill

A scenic hilltop meadow which is originally designed by the park’s most sought out planners, Great Hill is distinct from all other locations. This place is the site of many events and concerts during the summer months.

This area has small glades that are located to the west of the main lawn and they are also linked by the paths that ultimately overlook the entire Park. The spot is third-largest natural point, and it is also one of the North End’s beautiful landscapes.

Great lawn

One of the most crowded areas in the Park, the Great Lawn is a 55-acre lawn that hosts a myriad of recreational/physical activities. The place is also popular for sunbathing, playing, relaxing, and watching softball.

If there is a breezy day, you can come here with a kite, as kite flying is allowed on large landscapes of this lawn! You can also glimpse a few amphibians basking on the rock on the banks of Turtle Pond, which is located to the south of the ball fields!

Sheep meadow

One of the most frequented chill-out spots in Central Park, Sheep Meadow is a retreat from urban life. One is likely to stumble across many people as this spot is one of the most crowded spots in Central Park!

You will come across sunbathers, Frisbee throwers, and kids! You can find solace in the shaded area or under the trees in the northeast corner of the meadow!

Final words

In a nutshell, you do not have to rummage through long pages on the internet to find your ideal picnic spot. Central Park has everything you are looking for in an outdoor retreat! It is one of New York’s City treasures, and you can make your day even more memorable by visiting one of the spots in Central Park.

This major tourist attraction is full of green meadows, sprawling waters, unique bridges, classical architecture, and gardens! One simply doesn’t need to go on fancy vacations or extravagant parties to reconnect with their friends and family!

Written by Emma Parker

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