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Exploring the Wonders of Snow Camping in California

Who doesn’t like snow? Everyone does, right? Winter or snow camping is great; it just enthralls and takes you to a new world! From novice campers to extreme athletes, everyone loves snow camping. Imagine you go out with your family, stand amid snow-covered mountains, and have your first sip of tea! How does it feel? Awesome, right?

This is snow camping for you! To explore nature’s wilderness, all enthusiasts must leave their comfort zone and see what nature offers them! California is one such state that is famous for snow camping.

Its diversity makes it even more special! As opposed to summer camping, snow camping tends to be much less crowded! Thus, it gives you more space and opportunity to try different things!

Following are some of the important places for Snow Camping in California:

Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park

East of LA and north of Palm Springs, the Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree is an American National Park in California. It is a park that includes parts of two deserts: Little San Bernardino and the Colorado Desert.

There are 124 sites at this National Park, and one also has access to pit toilets located nearby. The best thing about these rocks is that they are scrambled so that one can enjoy the view from a distance! One should bring their water with them as this site does not have potable water.

Andrew Molera Campground

The Andrew Molera State Park, which is 4800 acres, is on the Big Sur coast of California. Some of the most renowned activities at this park are hiking, beachcombing, fishing, and many other activities! Miles of trails wind through the meadows, the stunning beaches, and the redwood groves.

The best thing about this hike is that you have the liberty of deciding your site. There are two hike and bike campsites in this area, and your hike will primarily start at the camp, which will require you to trail!

Napa Valley

Nestled on the western hillside, the wine country of Napa Valley gives you a great opportunity to lose yourself in the majestic woods! There are trails that take the visitors through coastal redwoods. The snow at this frequent is not that frequent.

Thus, one rarely sees the temperature go below a certain degree. However, this site is suitable for snow camping owing to its beautiful tundra! If you decide to go snow camping here, you should be prepared for cold nights.

Agua Caliente County Park

Known for its heated springs and rugged deserts, the Agua Caliente County Park is nestled in Anza Borrego desert. It is a whopping 910 acres! Hot springs and pools are the main attractions of this park!

The campgrounds of this site are surrounded by amenities! This site is a very popular one for camping in winter, and it also has hookups and partial hookups. Agua Caliente Park has seven camping cabins, and you can rent these cabins in advance to avoid further hassles!

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Known as the oldest and the most prominent state park in California. The state park is only open for a limited duration from 8 am till the sunset. This park is situated at the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

If you want to camp exclusively in a redwood forest, you have to come to the Big Basin Redwood State Park. The park has an array of habitats from the coastal regions. The camping options include tent cabins, group camps and trail camps.

Angel Island

Located in San Francisco Bay, this island is included within the Angel Island State Park. This island encompasses an area of 740 acres and it located near the Alcatraz island. To reach the island, you will have to take a ferry from Pier 41 to the island, and upon your arrival, you should walk two miles to your campground.

The island has sixteen campsites, and you will also stumble upon breathtaking views of San Francisco upon your arrival to this island. The place can turn windy and hence one should bring appropriate thermal wear for protecting themselves from the wind!

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

If you are in search of solitude, you should visit the Julia Pfeiffer State Park! McWay Falls is the main highlight of the park, and these falls drop over a cliff of 80 feet straight into the gigantic Pacific Ocean! This park is a home to 300-foot redwoods and they are over 2500 years old.

This campground is a hike-in-only campground, and in spite of being in a secluded location, you can hear the sound of waves crashing! You are likely to spot dolphins and sea lions in the ocean.

This state park has two environment hike-in areas and they have exceptional views of the Pacific coast!

Mount Tamplais State Park

Nestled in Marin County, which is in the state of California, the primary feature of Mount Tamplais State Park is 2571 feet Mt. Tamplais. The park is bestowed with oak and redwood forests, and the mountain covers 25000 acres of land.

If you want to bring an RV, there is no option for that, and both the sites have tent-only and walk-in options. You will have to plan your trip in advance as the camp is first come, first serve. There is a total of nine cabins available at this camp!

San Elito state beach

The bluff-packed stretch of San Beach offers many recreational activities such as surfing, swimming, picnicking and camping! Apart from that, other activities are skim-boarding and boogie-boarding.

Located in San Diego County, the San Elito State Beach has 156 sites. These sites allow at the most eight people at each campsite!

Final words

Worried about the extra hassles you have to face every time you book a holiday? Plan your snow camping adventure today! There is a huge expanse of land and a plethora of activities to be carried out!

Want to be in the middle of the forest with the best amenities? Book a trip now!

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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