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What to Wear When Hiking in Costa Rica

Situated away from the disturbing chaos of city life, Costa Rica is a paradise to explore for every traveler. It is a place blessed with pristine beaches, lush green rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, and hiking paths. The most wonderful experience to garb in Costa Rica is adventure time. From hiking to surfing, this place offers unlimited joy to every traveler.

What to Wear When Hiking in Costa Rica
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With many activities, it is sure that you need to pack every single item while going to Costa Rica. If you want to enjoy hiking at its best in Costa Rica, read this blog. It describes the full list of essentials that you must carry on your trip to Costa Rica.

Important things to carry for the Costa Rica trip

Your nice long hiking trail might get disturbed if there are no sufficient essentials for a hiking trip. Read on to get the full list of hiking essentials that you must carry on your trip:


Weather changes dramatically in every location of Costa Rica. So, you must carry thick clothes to protect your body. This place experiences 2 kinds of weather: Rainy season and dry season. During the monsoon, you must carry a poncho or waterproof jacket while going hiking to keep your body dry.

As far as possible, carry clothes that are comfortable as you are going to walk for a long time. Some of the best clothes to carry are polo shirts, simple t shorts, and tops. Avoid carrying cotton clothes as the temperature drops every hour in Costa Rica.

Safety equipment

Hiking can be fun only when you have safety items. You must carry items such as a knife, whistle, torch with extra batteries, first aid medical box, a flashlight, and a multipurpose tool. These items are necessary when you are going on different kinds of paths and routes with various surfaces. They help to cure injuries and reduce risks during the hiking trail.

Comfortable shoes

Another important thing for hiking is boots or shoes. The type of hiking road that you are planning to walk decides the types of boots. Hiking needs a pair of comfortable and lightweight shoes. Do not wear too tight or too loose shoes during hiking.

A good pair of hiking shoes will keep your feet safe from ants and mosquitoes. They will also reduce problems such as blisters and cuts. For the perfect hiking time, try wearing hiking shoes for a couple of days before going for a trip to get used to the shoes.

Large backpack

You are surely going on a long hiking trail in Costa Rica, Isn’t it? So, the next thing to carry is a backpack or daypack with a capacity of 25 to 30 liters. These backpacks can hold sufficient things for a long hiking trail. They can also carry a waterproof jacket and poncho comfortably.

Some backpacks contain a rain cover to keep all your belongings properly. You can keep a large bottle of water in these backpacks for a long trial.

Sunscreen lotion

Do not forget to add a bottle of sunscreen lotion to your bag. Sunrays are bright in Costa Rica during the summertime. They might cause skin irritation or redness if you are going for a hiking trail. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is perfect to carry on a Costa Rica trip. It protects your skin from harmful sun rays and gives a nice smell as well.

Water and snacks

There is nothing worse than feeling tired on your hiking trail. To keep your body energetic on the hiking trip, it is necessary to carry enough water. Hiking in hot summer will increase thirst every minute. Not having enough water will make you feel tired.

Carry an insulated bottle to keep water cool for hours. Apart from that, you must also carry some dry snacks and dry fruits like nuts and energy bars to keep your body active for a long time.

Beach towels

The Costa Rica trip is not complete without a beach party. You will enjoy a happy time at the beaches with friends. So, you must carry a good quality beach towel while going for beach sports. A beach towel will help to lie comfortably on chairs during the hot summer.

Nice camera

Visiting Costa Rica with friends or family is a lifetime experience to gain. How can you forget to capture those wonderful memories with your camera? So, you must carry a good DSLR camera during the trip. Capture every hiking moment that you spend in the green mountains of Costa Rica. You must also carry some other technical accessories to keep your camera properly.


Lush green rainforests are the favorite places for mosquitoes and other small insects. They thrive throughout the year in these rainforests. The next best thing you must do is to carry a bug repellant. This cream will protect your body from bug bites and mosquito bites while hiking, walking, or doing other activities.

Sunglasses and a good hat

Costa Rica experiences hot and rainy weather for most of the year. You will need a pair of a sunglass to protect your eyes from dust, sun rays and pollutants. Apart from that, you must also wear a nice hat to protect your hair from environmental factors. A hat with sunglass is a perfect combo for a hiking trail.

Other essentials to carry on the Costa Rica trip

We already discussed the major things to carry on the trip to Costa Rica. But the list is not over yet as you need to carry some more essentials such as:

  • Plenty of cash as there are no banks or ATMs in Costa Rica
  • Dry bag to keep the smartphone, charger, and other electronics
  • Portable alarm clock to get ready for a hiking trail
  • Headlamp
  • Compass or GPS unit

Final words

This is a full list of essentials that you need to carry in Costa Rica. Whether you are going for a solo trip or hiking trail, these things are important for safety. You can also ask your guide to help you in carrying a few more essentials for safety and comfort on your trip.

Written by Emma Parker

Hi, I'm Emma Parker, a passionate outdoors enthusiast and blogger. I love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors and sharing my experiences with others.

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